Best CSGO Case Opening Sites 2022: Get Free Cases and Bonus Codes

CSGO is one of the most loved FPS games and sits on a shiny throne amongst all other previous titles released by the creator. Valve introduced a skin system to the game as a method to generate revenue.

You can purchase skins from the skin market, where you get case keys to unlock the official Valve CSGO cases. You may or may not get rate skins in the skin market, which can be a little disappointing sometimes since case keys are not cheap.

Therefore, we tested and curated a list of the best CSGO case opening sites that offer the opportunity to win rare skins and other cosmetic items you like. To be precise, these sites work on a similar methodology or the same business model as that of the Valve case opening. If you love playing coinflip games then make sure to check our list on the best csgo coin flip sites and best csgo crash sites.

List of Best CSGO Case Opening Sites 2021

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Best CSGO Case Opening Sites 2021: Get Free Cases and Bonus Codes

What are Case Opening Sites?

In 2013, Valve decided to follow the same business model for CSGO as that of Dota and Team Fortress 2 to generate revenue from the game by introducing a skin system. The case opening is done using a prevalent virtual currency in the game, i.e., a key.

These keys cost more than $4.85 for a single key, which can be pretty expensive if you do it regularly. Moreover, the skins you get might not be worth the money you spent on buying the keys.

It led to a rise in CSGO Case opening sites, basically third-party sites allowing you to open premium cases that might even fetch you rare skins that are nowhere to be found on the official steam market. Valve case opening used to be a very profitable business until CSGO skin sites appeared.

But that does not mean you can trust any random third-party websites that offer opening cases in return for your money. There are thousands of CSGO case opening sites on the internet, and finding a verified site looks like a challenge.

But we shared with you the best CSGO case opening sites offering premium cases, case battles, promo codes, and various other features that you’ll surely enjoy.

What We Look for While Choosing Best CSGO Case Opening Sites

We have to keep various parameters in mind while choosing a case opening site since numerous scam sites are there on the internet, which can be dangerous to deal with. Therefore, here’s what we kept in mind while choosing CSGO skin sites for you.

Deposits and Withdrawals

If you have dealt with gambling sites in the past, you know the importance of fast deposits and withdrawals. No one likes waiting to receive the money, and you should not limit deposits to specific payment options.

We have selected those sites that offer multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, and credit cards. Bank transfers take plenty of time, which can thus delay the entire gambling process.

Bonuses & Promotion

The case opening sites also offer signup bonuses, similar to gambling sites, because their integral part of marketing is attracting new users and converting them into regular players.

Some sites share a promo code upon sign up, while in some cases, opening sites add money to your wallet as soon as you load it for the first time.

Some sites also offer you in-game rewards, such as free case opening, rare skins, and so on, while most of them have a giveaway program with its terms and conditions.

User Experience

An essential aspect that skin market players consider is the user experience of the site. A skin opening site should be mobile responsive, load fast, and be secure enough since you will be doing transactions.

While gathering the case opening sites for you, we manually checked and verified the site before adding it to our list.


The most important aspect of a case opening site is its customer support. No one likes waiting for 48 or 72 hours to enquire about their delayed withdrawals or deposits. While hunting for the sites, we ensured the support system was active and provided timely updates to the support tickets. Some sites offered live chat support, which again is a positive sign and a relief to users.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

No, CSGO cases are legal and one of the revenue models of Valve.

If you are disappointed with Valve's method of purchasing keys and opening cases, you will surely love case opening sites. They offer better odds than Valve, and you can also obtain cosmetic items from the issues at a reduced cost.

Final Words

After almost a decade, the extremely popular Counter Strike Global Offensive remains one of the most loved FPS games of all time. Since Counter-Strike Global Offensive players are disappointed with Valve’s method of opening cases, we saw a wave of third-party websites offering premium cases, rare skins, case battles, better odds than Valve, and even a promo code on signup.

A case opening site can help you get your favorite skins. If you love playing roulette games then have a look at the best csgo roulette sites. All you need to do is open cases and try your luck. Since an opening case site offers better odds, the chances to obtain rare items and adding skins to your inventory are high. With their increasing popularity, third-party csgo skins opening sites are now serving millions of players opening cases every day.

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