Best CSGO Coinflip Sites In 2022: Get Free Coins

CSGO or Counter Strike Global Offensive is considered one of the most popular game and successful projects in the computer gaming segment. Many best cs:go coinflip sites and case opening sites accept bets on various sports. Unlike football, hockey, or tennis, it is easier to predict the outcome in an eSports game, knowing the opposing team and their strengths and weaknesses. From simple entertainment, the game has grown into an ecosystem, including multi-million dollar prize tournaments. Bookmakers have reacted to the rapid growth in popularity in their way – a line of significant skin gambling sites that offer the opportunity to bet on CSGO.

CSGO Coinflip Sites

The Esports discipline represents serious competition for traditional sports, and bookmakers responded by adding eSports events to the lineup. CSGO is one of the three most popular game disciplines, with an audience of over 10 million worldwide. The actual popularity of CSGO betting fell in 2013, which is only a year after the game’s release. At some point, many illegal platforms appeared that allowed minors to bet, but now the market is well regulated, and lovers of this game will find several companies offering cash bets on CSGO.

The Best CSGO Coinflip Sites In 2021

CSGO Coinflip Gambling Sites Types

Betting on eSports games is different from traditional sports. The list of events on the CS: GO Coinflip Gambling site is divided into primary and minor.

Main bet:

 1×2 or Moneyline

It’s a shared marketplace for all coinflip game, so it’s featured on eSports too. In this case, bets are placed on the win of one of the teams – V1 or V2. Bettors have to predict which of the two teams will win. A tie is a possible option, although it is rare and not always presented in betting markets. The game has 30 spins, and the winner is the one who reaches 16, winning spins first thing.


Round markets consist of total bets, either for teams or individuals. Usually, new players can bet on unlimited spins, but there are also totals in death counts and more.

The map contains the Handicap, Correct Score, or Game Winner markets. Handicaps can be positive or negative. As for the winner bet, the team that gets two maps (out of 3) wins first. Betting on the exact outcome in CS: GO is simple – you have to predict how many maps each team will win so that the score can be 2:1, 2:0 or 1:2 and 0:2.


That’s how the death on cs go betting sites are called, and usually, the client of the 2021 gambling sites can guess the total demise of each spin. There are also individual fragment totals – you bet on the death of a particular team in a single spin.

First death

This market is ideal for pre-cs go match betting. Here you have to guess which team will have the first frag of the match. Since this first death occurs within seconds of the start of the game, it is better to bet first, as it is impossible to understand what the team will look like.


Unlike the previous betting markets, this particular market is ideal for live betting. All bettors need is to follow the broadcast of the match to see if It will defuse the bomb placed by the terrorist team or not. It is possible to bet on the total number of disarmed or planted bombs.

Other markets in CSGO Coinflip Sites

  • Pistol Round Winner – the winner of the round when fighting with a knife or a gun;
  • round defects;
  • Kill with certain weapons;
  • The death of a particular player in a band;
  • The first team to win a certain number of games;
  • Total headshots;
  • Way to win – destroy bombs or kill all rivals.

How to bet on skins on the CSGO Coinflip Site?

Thanks to the active development of the game, bettors have the opportunity to place bets on CSGO with skins. Skins are decorations for the in-game ammunition and weapon models. They are appreciated because each player wants to use the unique design of their favourite weapon. Players are willing to pay a lot of money for exclusive skins. Players receive several skins for free, so it’s easier to decide to play them than money. There is no significant difference in the betting mechanism. The odds of betting on cash and skins are the same.

If you win, the bettor receives an item with the equivalent bet amount multiplied by the odds. Some CSGO coinflip sites prefer to convert these bets into cash. To place a bet with a CSGO skin, you must register on the website of the selected bookie and link your Steam account to your profile.

List of Best CSGO Coinflip Sites

We present a good csgo coinflip site that offers their customers to bet on this discipline.

1. CSGOEmpire

csgo empire

The brand was launched in 2016 and is licensed from Malta and the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, and Spain. The company focuses on European customers, and they can open accounts in 13 different currencies. It is currently one of the best coinflip sites right now in the betting market.

The platform offers a wide variety of events available for coin flip game: sports, entertainment, politics, culture, and, of course, eSports. There are also live casinos and casinos. All sections of the desktop site are available in the mobile app for Android and iOS.

Payments: the company offers more than ten deposit and withdrawal options, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

2. CSGORoll

In addition to sports coins, the company offers casino games, eSports, and virtual sports. However, the list of markets for e-sports is relatively weak. As for mobile applications, the company has developed applications for users of the Android operating system.

Payments: this platform has all the popular payment methods available; emphasis on depositing and withdrawing funds via Bitcoin with a processing time of only 3 hours.

3. CSGOFast


CSGOFast’s pride and joy are a part of its eSports. This is a brilliant move for the company as the world of eSports is evolving every day. There aren’t many CS: GO free coin flip game sites that specialize in esports betting. However, judging by what we have seen, we can safely say that CSGOFast has competitive odds for this type of bet. The platform does not have a mobile app but has a complete and well-structured mobile website.

Payouts: As you can expect from a reputable coinflip site, CSGOFast offers various ways to first deposit and withdraw money. As long as you use modern online payment tools, you should have no problems.

4. WTF Skin


The company has excellent developments from smartphones – mobile versions of the website and apps for iOS and Android devices. One of the advantages of this brand is the wide variety of the coinflip market, including the eSports section.

Payments: WTFskins has tried to ensure as many payment methods as possible. Customers can choose between bank cards, e-wallets, payment systems, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, and more, depending on their location.

The coinflip advantage in CSGO

Coinflip’s main advantages to this eSports discipline are:

Team stability

If we consider the teams of the highest level, the classification leaders, who participated consistently in the «Major,» delivered consistently high results. Thrills are rare, so those who bet can do so based on statistics.

Game flow

Broadcasting CS: GO events are accessible so that bettors can follow matches live on the csgo coinflip site.

Error in betting calculation

ESports is still considered a young industry, so platforms often make mistakes down the line because not all companies have acquired a team of analysts who can correctly assess the probability of all encounters. So the odds are usually relatively high and experienced, and professional punters will love to use this.

State of eSports players

The outcome of the competition is not only affected by the skills of the two players but also by their mood and state of health. In electronic eSports, it is possible to monitor two players’ lives constantly, as all the information about them is available. Bettors can always find data on upcoming substitutions or team status.

Team strength

The game takes place on several maps. Some teams show high results only in specific locations. In this case, statistical knowledge plays an important role when placing bets.

For a csgo betting site to be profitable, you have to do it wisely and analyze the opposing team carefully. Evaluate not only the whole team but also each participant – their achievements, individual skills. Of course, teamwork and the tactics chosen are also essential.

Knowledge is the central help for those who want to make money with coinflip in eSports. Experts recommend the following to passengers:

  • before placing a bet, you need to know as much as possible about the team;
  • to stay up to date, you must be interested in the latest trends in electronic eSports;
  • It is always better to place some small bets than big ones.

During the tournament, bettors must follow the odds set by the bookmaker. Based on them, you can determine the company’s opinion and predictions about the winner of the meeting. If one of the teams has a high chance of winning, then if you win, you will receive a minimum profit. If the odds are low, the payout if you win will be significant.

The best way to bet is in live mode, watching the coinflip match. Many tournaments are broadcast on bookies websites and even on television. In a live manner, bettors can visually assess the opponent’s form and readiness for confrontation, determine the favorite and most productive player. Watching the fight, you can adjust the bet at any time, taking into account the events on the cs go betting site.

CS: GO tournament

There are many CS: GO tournaments, both regional and international, but players often choose the most prestigious ones to bet on. This category includes “Department” (ESL One, FACEIT, PGL, etc.). The geography of the competition may vary, so you should pay attention to the prize funds. By the way, the biggest prizes are drawn at the World Esports Games (WESG). The best bets reflect the most prestigious tournaments on the line, but CS: GO’s coin flipping site also includes less popular events.

There are several types of tournaments. In most cases, they are related. However, some matches are held separately from the main event draw. The list of all kinds of games and tournaments is extensive, but here are the main ones:

  • Regular league tournament
  • Cyclic Tournament
  • Intel Grand Slam Tournament
  • Big Tournament
  • Small Tournament

Each of these competitions should be discussed separately, as each has its achievement conditions, prizes, selection system, and tournament structure.

How to place a bet on the CSGO Coinflip Sites

The process of placing a bet on a free coinflip site is no different from placing a bet on any sports discipline. First, the user must go through the registration procedure on the official site of the lucky game platform and identify the person. After the authorization on the website, bettors need to deposit money to have a positive balance.

Once funds are credited to the account – and this procedure usually happens almost instantly – players can go to the eSports section, where CS: GO is generally present. Some platforms have a separate team for eSports. Others offer coinflip to bet on electronic games in a traditional sports section. 

Then, the bettor has to choose the game he wants to bet on.

To study all the possible options firsthand, it is worth going to the additional list.

Now, you have to click on the odd of the selected event, and it will add your players bet to the bet slip. There, it would help if you placed bet’.

Players can add multiple results to the scoreboard. In this case, you have to choose the type of bet: simple, accumulator, or system. Okay, now you know everything about coinflip in CS: GO.

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