Guide: CSGO Covert Skins (Ocean Drive, Leet Museo, Traitor, Etc)

csgo hardened ak47

CSGO Covert Skins: Beginner’s Guide

CSGO skins have been around since August 2013 when Valve released new content for the game called “Arms Deal.” This update introduces over 100 new weapon completions, also known as “skins,” into the game, organized into ten collections representing maps from games such as Dust, Office, and Aztec.

csgo covert skins

You can get skins via random drop by:

  • Playing games
  • Unbox the weapons and promotional cases
  • Exchange 10 skins of the same rarity for a random item of higher quality than the skin used in exchange
  • They are trading with other players/using third-party websites.

There are two types of skins in the game: Collectible skins from maps or operations and Case skins obtained through open containers. You can check out the new CS:GO case opening sites to get free premium skins and much more. 

CS: GO Weapon Container Opportunity

The odds of the CS: GO weapon case are as follows:

  • Mil-spec (Blue) – 79.92%
  • Limited (Purple) – 15.98%
  • Row (Pink) – 3.2%
  • Covert (Red) – 0.64%
  • Knives/Gloves – 0.26%

Items that come from containers have a 1 in 10 chance of becoming Stat Trak quality – these weapons track the number of kills made by the user with the firearm and sell more in the market. There is a mechanism in the coding that helps ensure every skin created in the game is unique.

CS: GO ID Pattern Skin

csgo covert

This number is between 1-1000 and gives the skin the pattern defined from the in-game image file. Some skins have multiple designs, where almost all 1000 are unique. The Case Hardened leather pattern is taken from a large canvas, and the scale and size depend on the weapon or knife.

For example, there is a Case Hardened AK-47 with the bluest pattern on it – this is #661 and is known as pattern #1 for this AK-47 Case Hardened. Only AK-47s with this pattern ID have a full blue top like this one.

csgo hardened ak47

A Case Hardened AK-47 skin – coveted pattern #661

As you can see, it has taken the best place of the full blue color of the image file, and there is only a 1 in 1000 chance of getting this pattern. The Stat Trak Minimal Wear version of the AK-47 recently retailed for $32,000 compared to the more average AK-47 Minimal Wear pattern on the Stat Trak, which retails for around $200. This is an example of an intermediate design that isn’t worth paying more for (the extra cash).

Above: The spike in price on the sales chart comes from fancier patterns being sold with blue tops or rare stickers applied to weapons.

Other skins don’t have the pattern changed, and the pattern ID will only change the appearance of the scratches on the leather. For example, the design does not change with the King Snake gloves, so the ID will only change the location and formation of scratches and wear.

csgo hardened ak47

Above: King Snake’s driving gloves. (L) Float Value 0.5639342070, Pattern 29 versus (R) Float Value 0.5727948546, Pattern 850

csgo covert gloves

CS: GO Kulit Skin Float Value

This determines the amount of wear the leather will have and is generated randomly when the leather is unboxed. The trade-up will assign the average float value of the skin used to the final item.

The hierarchy of exterior qualities is as follows, from best to worst:

  • New Factory (0.00 – 0.07)
  • Minimal Wear (0.07 – 0.15)
  • Field Test (0.15 – 0.38)
  • Obsolete (0.38 – 0.45)
  • Battle Scars (0.45 – 1.00)

Things to consider:

  • The closer to 0, the cleaner the skin. The closer to 1, the more scratched and worn.
  • The exterior quality of a weapon will not degrade over time and can never be changed.
  • Different finish styles have different effects on lower-quality weapons. Some will become worn and scratched, while others will be darker and lighter depending on the buoy.

Examples of scratches and wear:

csgo rifle covert skin

Above: Same rifle, Factory New vs. Battle-Scarred

Collectors will pay a lot extra for 0.00 float items because they look so clean and so rare. There are also collectors of items 0.99 and above who receive more payouts for being the worst of their kind or looking better when it’s darker. This is the best float value item in the game right now. There he is! I hope this guide helped you better understand why CS: GO skins are priced so differently. Do you have any questions about trading CS: GO skins? Contact me on Twitter or check out my Twitch channel!

Tyler Francis