Understanding CS: GO Crosshair Placement 

crosshair placement

Crosshair Placement, apart from movement, the rhythm of peeking and shooting (spraying) is one of the most important aspects of CS: GO. Many beginners tend to aim at the ground, which causes them to flick, thus relying on their aim. Your aim will never be 100% consistent. Many outside factors can negatively influence it (no warm-up, bad general goals, not feeling well).

This is where crosshair placement comes in. You can always rely on your crosshair placement. Beginners tend to think that having a good goal is several things to focus on. In CS: GO, you never want to flick. Let crosshair placement do the work for you.

crosshair placement

You have to keep in mind the following aspects of using crosshair placement perfectly:

Always aim your head at head height

You always want to anticipate where your enemy’s head will be. Always keep your crosshair at head level. But where do you put your crosshair right on top of your head? This is not as easy as it sounds, especially for new players. Most of the aiming is horizontal. You can start with a rule of thumb: If the ground is level, shoot straight ahead at a 90° angle, this will keep your crosshair at head level.

This is how your crosshair should be placed: (note that it focuses more on pre-hovering certain points)

But what happens when you have to shoot vertically? Most CS: GO maps are inconsistent in their vertical dimensions, so you’ll need to practice how to adjust your crosshair placement accordingly. Practicing this over and over will let you use this technique automatically.

Horizontal Aim at Head level

Vertical Aim at Head level

Keep your crosshair close to the wall:

Try to remember that your crosshair should always be against the wall you are running on. Note that you should always have a small gap between the wall and your crosshair. This is especially helpful against pushing opponents, as you don’t have to adjust your crosshair. You should also try to avoid peeking from near walls. Otherwise, the enemies may spot you much earlier than usual.

  • Leave a Gap between the Wall and the Crosshair
  • Peeking away from the wall

Pre-point certain default points used against terrorists (e.g. dust 2 B-site):

The important thing to remember is that much counter-terrorists play the default place. You can easily combine your crosshair placement into a route that includes shoulder peek, pre-aim, and pre-fire for these points from knowing all the default points. Remember to use the momentum you have when you take advantage of the peek profits.

  • Rear Plateau
  • The plateau behind Barel
  • Left Side Double Stack
  • Under Window


From my experience, I can assure you that crosshair placement is much more important for beginners than raw shots. I’ve never really considered myself someone with very good goals and still achieve The Global Elite using this method. Also, as previously mentioned, it’s something that works even on a bad day. Once you learn this method, you will see your game improve drastically. It’ll also help you to win some good matches on popular csgo gambling sites

Thanks for reading!

Tyler Francis