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Interested in CSGO betting? We’ve got you covered! Hi! Licensed bookmakers are finally available in new territories. British, European, and Canadian eSports fans can now bet on their favourite games!

In today’s article, we’ll tell you about some of the top CSGO eSports betting guides, explain how the game’s betting market is structured, and teach you the basics of CSGO betting. We’ll be sharing CSGO betting tips along the way, so you’ll be able to determine for yourself whether bookmakers are legitimate and reliable.

Wondering where to be in Counter Strike Global Offensive since the lounge is down. We keep a list of the options by which you can keep your counter strike Global Offensive match bets here:

Where to bet on CS: GO matches? Is There any Dedicated Place?

csgo match betting is a very popular choice for gamers already playing CS: GO, but with a simple backbone for eSports, it is quick for new users to access.

best csgo match betting site

List Of The Best CSGO Match Betting Site in 2021

There are many tricks and journeys to gambling nowadays. Csgo match betting is one of the hottest trends on the internet. CS GO stands for counter strike Global Offensive, a video game in which two teams are pitted against each other.

Best CSGO Match Betting Site

Each team has a task to complete, with the main job being to beat the other team. Here are the best CSGO betting sites. Below is the best place to start your bet on cs: go casino.

1. CSGO Kingdom



This is one of the top sites that players visit for some CSGO action. Apart from other gaming majors like coinflip, this site also adds match bets for CSGO. This option allows players to get skins by live betting on multiple matches.

The site has easy and sleek graphics, making it navigable even for beginners. It’s free to sign up for, offers free cases and free bets every day, and has good odds. They offer many options for deposits, such as Visa, Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, Skrill, Bank transfer, and many others.

For withdrawals, unfortunately, this site only allows players to withdraw in skins. As a player, if you want other withdrawal options, you may want to select them first. Apart from the lack of diverse withdrawal options, another drawback is slow customer service.



Initially, a CSGO betting site only has grown into a site that offers fast play, doubles play, slots, and match betting. The past insecurities involved with sites like impersonation bots have all been removed.

The site may catch your eye for its rich graphics and more information, but the panels are well mapped for easier navigation. At CSGOFast, you can bet in five different ways, namely classic games, fast games, double games, slots, and lines. On the odds side, they have a 0% advantage. Compared to other sites with a 20% house edge, you have more chances for better odds.

They have been playing for quite a while, which gives them the advantage of referrals from gamblers and players alike. Their support system can be very frustrating if you want to reply the right way as they reply within a few days.

Sign up and use code 24hrs to get a welcome bonus. If you log in daily, you can also win free bets and coins, and the more you play, the more you will find some in-game prizes.



Gamdom is one site you should know about. Please pay attention to their good look when registering. You can log in with Steam, select your preferred game mode, your market, and create your Steam profile. This is fair enough, so you can be sure no one is set to win more than you. Gamdom allows you to deposit and withdraw using crypto, banks, Paypal, Skrill, Visa, and many others. It’s a good csgo roulette site in the current market. 

Their support center is divided into technical support, bug support, and marketing support, which might be a downside if you have something that doesn’t fit. If you like options, Gamdom has options. They have daily rewards based on your level, and the odds increase as you keep playing.

They also have a unique feature called RainBot, a pot of money given to active users in chat every 2 to 28 minutes. It appears as a blue dot, so as long as you’re online in the chat, you can see it. You have to be careful because it only appears briefly.



The first thing that everyone notices about a csgo match betting sites is the layout and appearance. Hellcase has a black look, as is the night mode on their site that lets you see the skin before unlocking the box. They are fairly priced and even have slots for trading contracts. This site is very interested in user-friendly promos and bonuses.

Beginners on this site earn money worth $0.45 when they use the code 7258278. As an experienced player, you will notice that they have more rewards, including free counterattacks. This is quite interesting for every CSGO player out there. The site is quite versatile in its methods of accepting deposits and withdrawals, including skins, Skrill, Visa, and Bank Wire Transfers.

You may face a bit of disappointment if you like the live chat option as it is not available. However, you can find them via email and phone calls. Hellcase is compatible with most of the gadgets available, as you can find it on your phone, PC, or tablet.



This is one for traditional sports fans. GG BET is known by experienced gamblers and gamers for their generous 1% payout on the winning team at stake. This is one way to cheer up your team and win at the same time.

Founded by people who understand the world of CSGO and e-sports, GG BET has an excellent interface that is easy to understand. It is so simple that you can watch the game on the website. You don’t need fancy gadgets or even apps if you want to use a desktop. The site has many weekly bonuses that offer players the chance to win skins as they play.

Their high payouts also ensure that you have more than just cheering during the game. They also have customer service available all day, every day. The downside is that it locks out those who prefer to use cryptocurrency as a currency mode and don’t have any promos.

6. EGB


If you are interested in live gaming, EGB is probably your go-to. Upon logging in, you will immediately notice their lively but good-looking website. They have an easy site that will prove ABC enough for beginners but satisfying for experienced players and gamblers alike. It is an open betting sites that offers live betting on cs:go.

The Curacao Jurisdiction regulates this site if you need a security stamp before you place any money. Players love EGB because it also offers a sizable bonus, with a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $600. This is probably one of the best cs:go prices on the market. EGB has a very active customer support system available via live chat, phone call, or email around the clock. They also offer fairly fast withdrawals, with maturities of one to seven days. The downside is that their cashout fees for more than two withdrawals per month are high.



If you have little interest in online gambling or sports, chances are you have heard of UNIBET. UNIBET is one of the leading CSGO betting sites. Although not very advertised, they have a section for esports.

Although UNIBET may be popular, UNIBET does not have the luster of traditional gambling sites. To make up for it, they have a cool app that most of the other apps on this list don’t have. They offer an amazing welcome bonus of 100% on the first deposit up to €50. They also have a reliable customer service system that works all day and night. They are on the list of the biggest regular sports brokers, making them a place worth checking out.

8. Mysterious bet

Mysterious betting sites are so popular because it has carved a niche for itself; E-sports. Most of the sites on this list are fairly diverse, but Arcane Bet focuses solely on e-sports, making it an expert in its field.

They are great for CSGO betting but on limited games on their site. With these guys, you can make deposits via skins, crypto, Visa, and even Skrill, among others. Thanks to their simple website, they also offer the largest range of CSGO games on the internet, which anyone can bet on.

They also have reliable customer support, which is mostly available. Arcane Bet has a very attractive welcome offer with a 100% bonus of 100€, although you must use a promo code. The downside is that their live support is only available from 9-5 GMT.

How to bet on CS: GO

Getting into csgo betting is easy. First, start by watching it. has plenty of live streams for CS: GO, from individual amateurs to professional teams or even multimillion-dollar competitions like ELEAGUE or ESL.

The general rule of thumb for CS: GO Match Betting Sites

Two teams, five players each. One team plays as Terrorists (T), the other as Counter-Terrorists (CT).

The goal of the terrorist team: To attack the location and plant and detonate bombs, or eliminate the Counter-Terrorists

Counter-Terrorists’ goal: To set up a defensive position around two possible bomb locations, then eliminate the terrorist force or defuse the bomb.

The professional game is formed from two minutes of fighting. The first team won 16 times.

Why is this interesting

With only five people in a team and two possible bomb locations, strategy plays a big role. The CT team sent all their troops to defend one side or split between the two to support. Alternatively, risk it all to attack team T in a surprise move.

Money Problem

The balance of csgo betting occurs in the form of money. Each player starts with a small amount of money. Each kill, bombing, or taming earns more money for the team. Winning the total rounds also gives a bonus to each player. As players make more, they can spend it on bigger weapons, body armor, or gear to help them win the next round. This cost is a lower reward than kills with bigger guns.

The best example of this is the AWP, a sniper rifle capable of killing in one shot at any distance, it is a certain skill, but the payoff is very small.

Being on a losing team consistently also earns you a cash bonus. So after a few rounds of losses, you will start to make more money. This provides an opportunity for the underdog to switch to creating a tense game where no clear map winner can advance to the end.

CS:GO Pertandingan Match Betting Sites

Thanks to the in-depth strategy behind players’ decisions combined with quick lightning reflexes and teamwork, betting on CS: GO can earn you some serious highs as the underdogs can’t be wiped out until the end.

How to become an expert in CS: GO betting | Insider Tips from Pro Players

Know the team, know the players, know the different maps, know your odds. The more you watch csgo betting sites, the more you understand and understand which players are good, who is bad, who are at their best, and who is not. Before placing a bet, check out our csgo betting Predictions and see where the tipsters and predictors are betting. Free to see 30 minutes before starting. Focus on the pistol rounds in CSGO because pistol rounds give you the ability to quickly eliminate your enemy in the game. 


We hope you enjoy our list of the best CSGO match betting sites. I would also recommend you to check out our handpicked list of good csgo coinflip sites as well. We are trying our best to bring you the best sites out there for your enjoyment. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons before getting into any of them. If you have any comments on this, please leave them in the box below. Don’t forget to share this and follow us on all our social media platforms for regular updates on all things gambling. Apart from this make sure to check restricted countries for bet on csgo as some of the countries doesn’t allow bet on csgo eSports. 

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