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List CS: GO Jackpot Sites

A good list of jackpot sites + tips , tricks & tactics can be found in our CS: GO Jackpot guide.

Example of CS: GO Jackpot-

This is how the Jackpot works: In a so-called pot, at least two players deposit their skins. For every 0.01 $value deposited, each player receives a ticket. Player 1 places 10 skins valued at $11,67 and Player 2 places 5 skins valued at $7,35, for example. Player 1 will receive exactly 1167 tickets and Player 2 will receive exactly 735 tickets. The Jackpot website now chooses one ticket and the winning ticket owner wins the pot. The more you bet, the greater the likelihood of winning it all. Winning the pot ensures that all skins deposited in the pot are awarded to the winner minus the 0 percent-10 percent fee charged by the Jackpot website.

By depositing more value into the pot, you can increase your odds, which helps you to get more tickets that the Jackpot website will potentially draw.

You can lose all your money, but play carefully. Be accountable and play with cash that you can afford to lose.


You can, of course, manipulate pots that you want to get a little bit into. I would not encourage you to go to such websites if you don’t want high pots with prices above $500-$1000.

Sniping: Waiting and entering until 15s-30, until the pot finishes, is a safe way to win skins. Take care, you have to manually check your bid on the website often or Steam is delayed so it can take some time before your skins are deposited in the pot. If you have expensive skin compared to the value of the pot, it’s a good tool. It can be very productive because you can expect the value of the pot well and no one should have the ability to respond directly to your deposit on Battlegrounds. A problem may be that you’re not quick enough to get into the pot you like, and you’re the first one in the new pot, which others will use to snipe you with more expensive things. Timing is really critical. This is regarded as a ‘fail snipe.’

Baiting: Baiting is a safe way for snipers to be drawn out of their corners. It’s a high-risk strategy and with two players you can do it. Some lower value skins are deposited by the first player at the beginning of the round. Other players are entering the pot now and the second player is snipping the pot at the top. Since most players don’t want to deposit first, you can use this to push the pot a bit.

A History

One of the first systems that allowed gambling in CS: GO was jackpots. The dynamic of the game and the “the winner gets it all” idea were flashed by people. There were about 1000 €even the first high pots. The pots on were about 100.000!) €(at the best times.

Scandal at Phantoml0rd

Gambling and jackpot sites are hosted by anonymous operators much of the time. In 2016, data on ‘s ownership was leaked. Phantoml0rd, a popular streamer, seemed to be part of it. In addition, a chat was leaked between him and his administrator where Phantoml0rd demanded the winning ticket, a sign of cheating to win big pots on his own gambling platform. As a result, they barred PhantomL0rd from Twitch Watch Kimi No Na Wa. The initial video of the fiasco is here: