CSGOatse Promo Codes 2022

Pros / Cons
  • Simple site layout
  • Some bonuses and offers
  • Offers deposit with real money
  • Various kinds of games
  • Multilingual site
  • No online customer service
  • Not optimal in terms of support
  • Not mobile friendly
  • Extraction of the skin is based solely on the P2P system

CSGOatse Reviews & Experiences & Promo Codes

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Bet on CS: GO skins at CSGOatse

Counter-Strike will probably always be one of the greatest games, played by thousands of people around the world. The game has a really big series and we have seen some big names made after they went live stream along with csgo twitch and on youtube. This means that many also want to pursue the same dream and make csgo a daily job.

CSGOatse.com is another great csgo betting sites that offer several different games and winning odds. So let’s take a closer look at this csgo skin betting site and see if it’s a safe website to play on, what games they offer and what you can win.

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Our experience with CSGOatse

The first thing we encounter when we go to CSGOatse is the terms of use, where we read the most important rules and conditions and accept them, along with verifying that we are 18 years or older. When we accepted this and entered the site, the layout was very similar to most csgo betting sites out there. It’s quite messy and doesn’t offer the best user experience, but it’s an easy site to navigate, so after browsing the site for a while, you quickly get into it and discover the various features.

At the bottom of the site, we find their FAQ page, where they collect the most common questions and answers, we find news, social media like Twitter and Facebook, how games work, and more.

So when it comes to our first opinion of CSGOatse, at first we felt it was a bit messy, but once you get into it, the setup is pretty simple and straightforward in terms of gameplay and wins of various cs go skins.

Games and how to bet

Unlike many other csgo skin betting sites, CSGOatse offers several different games to bet on. They offer cs:go roulette websites, coin flip websites, csgo crashes, blackjack, minesweeper, Dice, Jackpot, Russian, and ATSEFLIP. We went through all the games below:


The first thing we saw when we entered their site was csgo roulette, where you place a bet and bet on which symbol the wheel will stop. All the symbols look the same, the CSGOatse symbol itself is in the form of a tiger’s head, the difference between them is that they have different colors – red, green, and black (grey). When the wheel starts, you place your bet and then hope you win. 


This game works just like the popular card game we find in several different online casinos, of course, you should already know how to play it but if you are not sure you will get two cards face up, then you play with another card and you have to land with a total score of 21 or as close as possible (but never above 21).


Not too often you will find this csgo game but it makes it more and more sought after by csgo players who appreciate it. One of the reasons why it is not so popular to play csgo crash is because this game has a very high risk.

When it comes to how you play, you start by placing a bet, it goes fast and you only have between 15-20 seconds to make a decision. Once you have placed your bet and time has elapsed you will see the line start going up diagonally, at the same time as this line starts going up the multiplier will start running.

When the multi-combo lands on the number you want, you can decide to withdraw from the game. However, keep in mind that if you are not fast enough, the multiplier may decide to crash, if it is, you will lose the bet you made.

If you manage to make your “withdrawal” on time, the multi-combo will actually multiply your bet, after which you will have the opportunity to advance to the next game for bigger wins.

These are intense and very risky games that will let you reap big wins, or that will cost you everything you bet.


If you’ve ever played the classic minesweeper game on your computer, you know what I’m talking about. Otherwise, we can announce that it is important to have luck on your side and choose the right box to win. At CSGOatse, the following applies to winning bet amounts:

  • Click at least 7 times with 1 bomb
  • Click at least 5 times with 3 bombs
  • Click at least 3 times with 5 bombs
  • Click at least one more time 24 bombs

The minimum bet to play minesweeper csgo on CSGOatse is 10 coins. You deposit this into your account along with one of the available payment methods.

Tibetan Dice

This is a very simple game where the dice are rolled and land on a random number between one and six. You can choose to bet on the exact number or if the dice will land over or under three. This csgo dice game is fun, intense, and full of wins.


A very simple game, you place a bet and then keep praying that you will win the jackpot. The minimum bet is 10 coins and another thing you have to remember is that if you win, the house will take 7% of the pot.

Russia and atseflip

Currently, the Russian language is in maintenance mode, which means you cannot play this particular csgo game. When it comes to atseflip, we can’t currently find it on their site, so we can assume it’s under maintenance too. We will notify you as soon as the game is active again, or if CSGOatse has decided to remove the game from the cs go betting site.


Like many other CSGO skin sites, CSGOatse has chosen to implement so-called Leaderboards on its gaming site. Below are the total bets made by all the players who entered the competition. You will earn points every time you bet a minimum of 2000 coins.

It’s a way to get players to become more involved in what’s happening on the site, it’s also a way to get players who may not be very active on the site, to be more active.

CSGOatse bonus

Everyone loves bonuses, and playing on cs go betting sites along with exclusive promotions, as well as having a chance to win free CS: GO skins, makes the gaming experience even better. As we mentioned earlier, CS: GO sites are not under a European gaming license, this means they can offer more bonuses and are not isolated to just a welcome bonus.

CSGOatse is no exception when it comes to offering its users amazing bonuses. To take advantage of CSGOats and its bonus offers, you must first have an account with them. You can easily get this together with your steam account.

When you have an account with them, you will be able to receive news and announcements about their bonuses and rewards via their website, Facebook (not very active on Facebook), and on their CSGOatse Twitter account. In order not to miss anything, we recommend that you keep an eye on their social media and websites.

Is CSGOatse a scam?

When it comes to cs go betting sites, most of them have a very bad reputation, in some cases, it often turns out that the rumors are true and you should avoid them, this is not the case with CSGOatse. This cs go site does everything in its power to ensure that all users feel safe and all personal information is in safe hands.

CSGOatse is not a scam site that will scam you for money, if you have any problems with deposits and withdrawals (or anything else), just contact their customer service, they will help you as best they can.

In terms of the games they offer, they are not something they can decide on their own, all games and outcomes are randomly generated so the game is made as fair as possible. You can read more about this in English at CSGOatse (they haven’t translated all the pages on their site). If you ask us, CSGOatse is not a scam and you can feel safe using their service.

When it comes to security and what a gaming site has to offer, it is important that all the best csgo betting sites make you feel safe, while having a great gaming experience with other players.

Register an account at CSGOatse

Like most CS: GO sites, you register an account with CSGOatse along with your steam account. This means you need to have a steam account first. You can fix it in a few minutes via steam, once you do, just register an account with csgoatse and verify yourself along with your email or mobile.

If you have children at a younger age, or teens who are allowed to play cs go, we recommend that you turn on family view on Steam. This gives you more control over your account and you will have to verify all registrations and logins made through the Steam account along with the PIN code.

You shouldn’t let your kids go and play on the CS: GO skin betting site and you shouldn’t let them use your payment information. You must be 18 years of age or older to use the csgo site and it is your responsibility not to allow your children to access the site.

Deposit method

At CSGOatse you will have the opportunity to use several different payment methods. You will be able to make a deposit together with:

  • G2A Payments
  • Skrill
  • GAMVIO with Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal
  • Deposit skins with CS: GO, Dota 2, Z1BR, TF2, and Rust
  • Cryptocurrency

What we really appreciate about CSGOatse is that you can make deposits, not only with skins but with payment methods like csgo PayPal and bank transfer, something you don’t find very often on the CS: GO site.

Something you should keep in mind when making a deposit to csgoatse is that the value of the currency you choose can go up or down, depending on what you choose and depending on how long it takes to complete the transaction. This is something they announce on their page and the difference usually doesn’t exceed 1%.

Customized app and mobile

We are still very surprised when it comes to Counter-Strike betting sites and they don’t offer a good, mobile-friendly website. In today’s society, it’s almost unacceptable not to offer good and stable service on mobile devices, but it’s still something very common when it comes to cs: go sites.

Unfortunately, this also applies to csgoatse.com, and they are in the middle when it comes to offering a great mobile site. You can definitely use their service on your phone or tablet, but keep in mind that this is far from optimal, so we recommend that you use a computer when betting on CS: GO skins on CSGOaste.

Customer service

When it comes to offering professional and helpful customer support, this is one of the most important points, if you neglect the security of the site you are on. When it comes to Counter-Strike and especially when you are on a csgo skin site and playing for real money and skins, you want to know that customer service is at your disposal as best they can.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with CSGOatse, this is also what disappointed us. We know that we can’t expect them to have Swedish support, nor is that what we’re complaining about. What disappointed us was that they weren’t as helpful as expected and once they responded, it was a copy-paste of the template. This applies to their live chat and email support. Then we’ve got the written answer template and have to wait longer than expected.

CSGOatse Overview

Ok, so we have a lot of positive parts, along with some negative parts. What we like about these CS: GO casinos is that they offer several different games that you can try, not just the usual csgo roulette game.

We also like that this CS: GO skin betting site offers its services in English, you choose your preferred language on the site at the top of the page. Yes, keep in mind that it’s translated from English, and not all the pages are translated, but you get the whole thing and what they say.

It’s even worse to offer a mobile tailored service so you can partake in csgoatse.com and their services while you’re on the move. You can. But it will not give you the best gaming experience.

The same goes for their customer service, we hope CSGOatse improves its communication with its users. Not just because they have to, but because they have to value and want to help their customers as best they can.

CSGOAtse Frequently Asked Questions

No, after browsing their skin gambling site, looking in more detail at everything from security, bonuses and chat, to customer service and how payment methods work, we believe this is a safe gaming site.

Very! Since they are not under a European gaming license, they offer several bonuses and offers to their users. You'll find promotions, free coins, gifts and much more when you create a game account.

Tyler Francis