Hellcase Promo Code 2022

Pros / Cons
  • Very popular CSGO gambling site
  • Supports registration from most countries
  • Fast & Instant withdraw
  • Free sign-up bonus
  • Daily free bonuses
  • Overwhelming webpage design
  • Large house edge

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Anyone who has ever dealt with boxes and skins for CSGO will probably come across the name Hellcase. The sonorous provider has only been in the industry for a few months but has become a point of contact in no time. It’s not always hard to find the reason. That Hellcase is a new CSGO betting site but still works seriously. There are also many options available, which are further enhanced by weekly giveaways and giveaways. We’ll tell you what other Hellcase experiences we’ve rounded up below. We can already reveal that there is no need to fear fraud or deception.

How to use promo code Hellcase?

  • Register via Steam at hellcase.com

hellcase signup

  • After that click the “Add Money” button

hhlcase add money

  • Go to the “Use promotional code or wallet:” section.

hellcase enter promo code

  • Enter code “gamblecsgo” and click the “USE” button and your account will be credited from $0.30 to $0.70 free or get $10 with a wallet code.

Our Experience with Hellcase: Full Review

The fact that Hellcase is one of the very young providers on the market can be quickly seen from its modern appearance. Only high-resolution graphics are used, which really makes you want to open the box. So far the website is available in multiple languages, including English, but overall this should only annoy players a bit. There isn’t much written on the homepage, so pictures, graphics, and menus are essential. Comodo Secure’s securing of player data and various options for making deposits are also positive. Those who rate highly on the awesome bonus offer can also look forward to weekly rewards according to our Hellcase experience. There are some more best csgo roulette sites and csgo coinflip sites that provide offers like Hellcase. 

Is Hellcase legit?

First of all, it can be said that payments on Hellcase can be made, among other things, using the PayPal e-wallet. At the same time, this also means that buyer protection applies here. So if there is any fraud or fraud from the provider, the customer’s money will not be lost. Users don’t have to deal with such problems, because Hellcase works seriously and trustfully. Player data is also always backed up, which is primarily the responsibility of Comodo Secure’s encryption. So the bottom line is that the customer is dealing with a reliable and reputable provider. Among many new csgo case opening sites and cs go crash websites, the Hellcase gives tough competition to all of them. 

Offers at a glance

In general, the Hellcase range is very versatile. The provider provides a variety of weapon cases, but also offers opaque boxes for CSGO or stickers. Of course, most customers are very interested in gun cases, which in the end also offer the largest selection in the portfolio. For example, users can choose between skins for the Glock-18 and other pistols or skins for the M4A4 and other machine guns. Also on the board are skins for knives, which are very popular with many players. In the area of ​​stickers, providers also sort and offer well, for example, Mirage, Overpass, Rising Sun, Gods and Monsters, Alpha, or Chop Shop as stickers.

The price for each skin and package is of course different. For a pure gun case, the cost is usually between $0.30 and a few hundred dollars – depending on the offer. Stickers, on the other hand, are much cheaper and are usually available for a few cents to a few dollars. Prices are displayed directly on the home page, which is why no player is at risk of a bad surprise after purchase. A quite positive surprise is the weekly gifts that customers can get through various services. This small effort can be worthwhile, as it’s not uncommon for Hellcase to award some “real hits” with this campaign.

Deposits: Always top up accounts quickly

There’s good news for those looking to top up their account in a simple and uncomplicated way because here’s what Hellcase can do for you. There is a pleasant variety in the payment portfolio, so customers can choose between different options. All payments are always processed securely and guarantee the highest level of seriousness. Possible options for transactions are, for example, e-wallet PayPal, Skrill, or credit cards from Mastercard and Visa. Payments are always processed with the help of the G2A Pay service, which can actually be found in every provider of this type. It is important to note that the deposit requires a minimum amount of five US dollars. However, this hurdle is not very high, so even inexperienced users with small wallets can easily participate in the offer.

Security and regulation: everything is well secured

According to our Hellcase experience, users don’t have to worry about their own safety or money. For example, feedback from other users is reassuring and all positive. So there is no question of fraud or deception. In addition, the protection provided by Comodo Secure also plays an important role in this context. If customers provide personal and sensitive data, they will be fully encrypted using the service. With regard to payments, there is also no danger, because deposits made with PayPal, for example, are associated with protection for buyers. In this way, several aspects ensure that Hellcase works reliably and customers are always in the best possible hands.

Hellcase customer support and service

In our Hellcase testing of customer service, we could see a bit more room for improvement. Suggestions from members of the support department are totally available, especially by email. A telephone hotline or live chat, such as those available with some competitors in the CSGO casino field, is unfortunately not yet part of the provider’s equipment. In return, customers can count on the fact that their emails can be sent around the clock. In our experience, waiting times of several hours are still full queues. Interesting: You can also contact the provider through several social networks, including Facebook or Twitter, for example. A FAQ section is also available, where only English language support is offered in any way.

Ease of use: easy controls

With Hellcase, navigation is super easy. The provider almost completely ditches the text and, with the exception of a few buttons and menus, builds only display offerings. Of course, this brings some advantages, as the different boxes and packages can be seen at a glance. At the same time, the visual appearance is very modern and therefore also very attractive. There is no filter function or search field. However, this does not hurt the user much, because the entire portfolio is presented very clearly.

Hellcase Review Conclusion: First class address for skins

There are several aspects to the fact that Hellcase players are dealing with a reputable provider. On the one hand, customer data is always completely safe, on the other hand, transactions are always carried out securely. Fraud or deception can be excluded, especially since customer opinions clearly show that Hellcase works seriously and safely. There’s also no reason to complain about the portfolio, as there is a good selection and navigation that always works. Currently, we only see a real need for improvement in the support area, which mainly relies on email addresses. It is also a pity that German advice cannot be offered to German customers. Since these two minor criticisms are less tragic, the bottom line is that the offer is very smart and should certainly cater to the tastes of many users.

Free Questions about Hellcase.com

Login via Steam and use our code “gamblecsgo” to receive from $0.65 to $0.70 free depending on how lucky you are.

Yes, you can directly pull different skins from Hellcase.

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