Waxpeer Review 2022: Is It a Best CSGO P2P Marketplace?

Pros / Cons
  • Completely Peer-to-Peer marketplace
  • All items are instantly tradable
  • Can play with items in-game while listed on Waxpeer
  • 5.9% selling fee
  • Need to stay by computer/phone to confirm trades
  • Selling a large quantity of items can be annoying
  • All deposit and withdrawals through crypto

Waxpeer is a peer-to-peer marketplace where sellers and buyers of CSGO skins can conveniently trade. This site has its browser extension, whose main purpose is to provide security to consumers.

One of the best benefits of a P2P system is that there are no 7-day trading blocks, a major issue for other markets. You can still use the CSGO skins you sell on Waxpeer in-game as long as you own them. You can make all trades on Waxpeer in just a few clicks, and if you play smart, you are likely to get more money for your skin than other markets because here, you are dealing with real people, not bots.

One of the minor downsides of running a business on Waxpeer is that you have to be patient. Because the seller has to wait for the buyer. At Waxpeer, the list of sellers is active while they are in front of their computers. Since trade confirmation, bidding is required in P2P trading. This is a minor disappointment and can become a bit problematic when selling CSGO skins in bulk.

Is It Legal? What To Do If There Is a Problem?

You should know that you signed up for Waxpeer using your Steam account, so when you buy a skin, it’s yours, and the sale doesn’t violate Steam and Valve rules or restrictions. Since on the site, you trade with others as a reward. Just imagine another marketplace doing thousands of transactions in a single day using Steam. They do it because they have accounts that have been operating for several years. Every week thousands of skins pass through each account of this market.

Meanwhile, in Waxpeer, your account is not a bot because you play games on it, chat with friends, and trade. While in other marketplaces, they use bots to operate. So why has this bot account been around for so many years, and you will not be allowed to trade with your real profile?

Why is Waxpeer Better Than Many Other Platforms?

Here are some compelling reasons why Waxpeer is different from its competitors:

Waxpeer is a passionate project that provides a common platform for all sellers, buyers, and traders. Users can sell their skins at any price they want and do business with other markets. This opens up more opportunities to communicate with more users and expand your circle regarding renting, selling, and buying CSGO skins. We believe that this is much more lucrative compared to the bot market that doesn’t value your prestigious CSGO skins. You can use the Waxpeer API to stay connected to any project you want.

It’s not a big deal these days to find sites where people can sell their skins for money. Because most sites use the Waxpeer service to expand their database and features, Waxpeer should be your go-to site if you want the best deals on skins instead of using another platform running the Waxpeer API on the back end. The site offers a very low commission of only 5.99% so that users can earn a decent profit from their sales.

Waxpeer also protects users from bots that try to take the best. If skins worth 65 to 70% of the average price appear on the market, traders use bots to buy goods and sell them more automatically. This is a very common practice used in the market, which makes life difficult for both new and casual buyers to get leather at a good price. For example, if a seller needs money quickly and wants to sell $1000 for $700, the bot will buy it in a few seconds and sell it for $900. This is done daily in the bot market. However, this activity does not occur on P2P platforms like Waxpeer, as buyers, sellers and traders are real people and have to keep an eye on the market 24/7 to get the best deals.

Many people have rated Waxpeer as one of the best and most convenient marketplaces to sell CSGO skins. All it takes is a few clicks to complete the process and ensure security by verifying the Steam API that, apart from the prom, runs all the checks on your profile, keeping you safe from scams. In our favorite CSGO betting sites, Waxpeer has a place of its own. 

As we mentioned earlier, you can use the skins you have registered on the site’s most preferred features. If you experience a 7-day suspension, you will have no problem because you can use it in your game.

In Waxpeer, you have all control over your items. You will be able to see your skins in your inventory and not have to worry about third-party issues, bots, or platforms blocking your profile. Waxpeer is a 100% legit service that you can use to sell skins at the price you want and make a good profit for yourself. 

Waxpeer Overview

Here are some of the features we like about Waxpeer:

  • It has a very organized and clean design, making it easy for new users to get to know the platform.
  • The API they offer is trustworthy, and you can use it to make sales easily.
  • You can use their extensions to provide security and make fraud impossible.
  • Items sold on your list can still be used in-game. So it benefits both parties because the purchase will see your skin as you play with it.
  • You can trade all items on the site instantly.
  • They offer many ways to withdraw funds which also include bank transfers and cryptocurrencies.
  • Lastly, they only take a 5.9% cut which is very low compared to other markets.
Tyler Francis