WTFskins 2022 Promo Code – Detailed Review  

Pros / Cons
  • Many different game options
  • Easy to navigate the site
  • Real money deposit
  • Abundant bonuses and prizes
  • Bad with information about games
  • Messy site
  • Offers contact only via email support

WTFskins is another popular platform in the CSGO Gambling industry. Their policies are strict and straight forward that adhere to the rules and regulations of the gambling business. Here is a WTFskins free bonuses code that will help you start your gambling journey for free.

SUBJECT – $0.25

The wtfskins affiliate code gives you the free real money you need to help you get started. Gambling can be risky, which is why you need confidence in the beginning.


You can click on the link above, which will take you to the website and apply the code for you. The promo codes are the best available in the market, and we are constantly updating them if any better ones come up. 

Is the link not working? Follow the steps below. 

How to Apply for WTFskins Promo Code?

An easy guide on how to earn free money on WTFskins is given below. 

Note:  There are many fake sites on the market that can access your steam account. Make sure you are following the right one, and it is legit, so your account details will be safe. 

  • First of all, all gambling websites have a Steam API linked to them, so you can directly login using your Steam account instead of typing your credentials. Log into your Steam account via any browser. The link is given below. 
  • Go to the official WTFskins website. The link is given below
  • Click “Sign in via Steam” at the top of the screen. Authorize your Steam account at WTFskins. 
  • Once you have successfully logged in, click on “Free.”
  • On the new page, enter the BETREFS code, and you are good to go. 
  • Now, you’re done implementing the code and have a few bucks to spend on game modes. How do you spend it? Which game mode works best?

Let’s have a detailed guide on WTFskins.

WTFskins Reviews & Experiences & Affiliate Code

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Bet on CSGO skins in WTFSkins

When it comes to the layout of WtfSkins, very similar to many other CSGO skin betting sites, you will enter their location, and the first thing you will be asked to do is accept their terms and conditions and click on the box to verify that you are 18 or more.

Like other counter strike skin betting sites, WTF Skins is not under a Swedish gaming license. In other words, they don’t have to follow the new rules, which regular online casinos and sports betting sites have to do. Therefore, you must have more control over what happens when you are on their cs go page, never give out any information or download any unknown files that people send you. As always, you must be 18 years of age or older to use and its services.

How to use WTFskins affiliate code?

  1. Register via Steam at via our link
  2. After that, click the “Free” button on the top menu
  3. Enter affiliate code “gamblecsgowtf,” then click “Claim” and get free $0.25 gems.

Our experience of WTFskins

The first thing we felt when we entered was that it was a little messy, but this is very common when you are on a cs go skins betting site. Once you navigate the site, you will quickly get into it and learn what to find.

Counter-Strike is a massive game with thousands of followers. It’s also one of the games that started the careers of some streamers, where they played csgo, twitch and youtube, which made CS: grow bigger. With its growth, more users and more people will start betting on skins. This makes us a little surprised that the site is not as optimized as it should be.

Customer service is not the best, and sometimes it takes time to get an answer. WTFskins are also not optimal when using their service on mobile devices, something we believe is a must in today’s society.

If you are interested in betting on csgo when it comes to online csgo casinos, we suggest you take a closer look at our csgo review. There you can find all the casinos that offer CS: GO betting.

Games and how to bet on WTFskins

When you enter the wtfskin website, you will notice that they offer three different games: Crash, CS:GO Roulette, CS:GO coinflip and Upgrade. They also provide a “case,” but something we won’t include, as this sends you to their sister site called CSGOlive.


The Crash game lets you bet and guess when you should “cash out,” this may be a bit of a reminder when dealing with stocks and tracking the best times to buy or sell. You follow the live calculator and click when you feel the time is right, then see if you click at the right time and win.


This is a classic game that lets you bet on what color and number the arrows will use. uses a random system when it comes to their games. Using this, they can’t go in and decide where to stay and what outcome will come.


Along with Upgrades, here, your game mode in CS: GO will be imitated, and you can try to upgrade your current skin to a much better one. The difference between WTFSkins and csgo is that you can use one item type instead of 10 when negotiating upgrades in CS: GO.

WTFSkins has other great features that you can take advantage of along with their games and services. This is a withdrawal tracker. When you have selected which item you want to withdraw from your WTFSkins account, you will have the opportunity to see when they bought it from OPSkins, when they sent it to your account, and when the purchase is complete.

The beneficial and pleasant function makes all purchases and upgrades smoother. We can announce that they are very hopeful and give the house an advantage, especially in terms of the Crash game. So if you are not fast enough when it comes to cashing out, you will immediately lose your bet. If you look closely, you can also see that the multi-combo very often doesn’t even reach 1x before being disabled,

WTF LEGEND not only offers a large selection of various games. Here you also have the opportunity to take part in a competition with WTF Legends. These competitions are when players who bet are rewarded daily, weekly, and monthly as they play on the site.

Each month, it will give out the entire $25,000 worth of steam value in the form of various skins. Every time you bet $1 on a cs:go crash sites or roulette game, you will be awarded 1 point.

You will find all the information about the competition when you log on to the site, including that YouTubers are not included in the competition.

Wtf Skin free sign up bonus

If you register an account with WTFSkins, you won’t receive the free csgo skins right away, but they have several great prizes and free sign up bonus waiting for you once you register an account with them.

You will be able to participate in daily rewards if you make a deposit and use various functions. If you also link your Twitter account with them, you will automatically receive a free sign up bonus of .10 diamonds. Every time people use your Twitter invite, you will be given 0.50% of the cost of the diamonds they bet.

Another free bonuses that WTFSkins offers is that if you link Steam with a wtf skin, here you have the opportunity to activate a free sign up bonus that gives you more real money if you win in the Upgrade game. To do this, add the URL to your Steam account.

Is WTFskins a scam or not?

When it comes to playing and using your personal information online, you should always be very careful. Not because you can’t trust the site itself, but because people will always try to access your data differently. One of these different ways is to pretend to be the website you are on and contact you to ask you to provide them with your information.

WTFskins is not a CS: GO scam, they do their best to make sure everyone has the best and safest possible experience, and that’s what we love about this csgo site.

WTFSkins Registration

To register an account with WTFskins, very similar to many other cs go betting sites, you register an account with them along with your Steam account. It is very flexible and only takes a few minutes to complete, along with the verification code sent to you.

Keep in mind that if you have kids playing through your Steam account, you’ll need to enable family mode. This gives you more control over what happens in your account and gives you a good overview, so they don’t use your account or your information to buy cs go skins.

WTFSkins Deposit methods

When depositing with, you have several different payment methods to choose from. First of all, you can make a deposit together with Steam and with skin, then you can choose:

  • CS: GO P2P
  • CS: Go Instant
  • Dota 2

Below are the deposit methods you can use to buy sell on WTFskins. Here we find:

  • Paypal
  • Show
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Gift Code
  • G2A Payments

Apart from these two, you will be able to make deposits together with Bitcoin. But we also found the opportunity to make a deposit together with WAX. We will find:

  • VGO
  • vIRL Sepatu shoes
  • vIRL clothes
  • vIRL Electronics
  • vIRL Games
  • G . Fuel
  • Magic Society

WAX is a form of OPSkins, so to deposit with this method, you must have an OPSkins account and a skin in that account to use the Trade feature.

WTFSkins Customized app and mobile

Honestly, we can announce that their website is much better than visiting their site via computer. We didn’t find any overlapping features. When it came to the chat itself, it was minimized, along with offering a very mobile-friendly site, which makes you prefer to play with them via a mobile device than via a computer.

The only thing we can point out that doesn’t work on mobile is their live tracker and update system. However, this is just as bad on mobile as on computers, so it might not help much.

WTFSkins Customer service

If you need help or have any questions or concerns, you can contact wtf skins customer support through their ticket system. You fill in your information and sip your request and will then receive a response from them.

Usually, the waiting time for an answer is around 24-48 hours. You may get lucky sometimes, and they will answer your questions early, but you have to be prepared to wait. The downside is that they don’t offer live chat so that you can talk to someone from support in person, but since the wait time isn’t that long, it goes well with contacts via email.

You might think that is wtfskins legit or not? Since this is an international gaming site for csgo skins, you have to remember that they do not offer Swedish support. They speak English, along with several other languages, but remember to write to them in English so they can answer you faster.

WTFskins Features and Functions

As said earlier, this website aims to provide the best in terms of quality and support to users. Here is a list of the number of features on the website. There are many game modes to choose from in WTFskins. If you are a professional gambler and want to try a new site, you may be familiar with some of these game modes. If you are a beginner, keep reading. 

Roulette: The only constant roulette on several CSGO Gambling websites. Players can choose from three options, including red, black, and green. Betting on green gives you maximum return, whereas winning on red and black gives you double what you invested. 

Crash: The meter/graph keeps going up every spin, and you have to bet how much it goes up. The system will automatically cash out at a certain point that you place a bet. If the chart falls earlier, you will lose all your chances in the game. 

WTF Legends: As the name suggests, the feature on this website lists all the top gamblers for the day, week, and monthly rewards. This is a great way to show users what it means for website builders. After all, the gamblers are the website’s customers, and they make a lot of money by gambling on the platform. 

This section of the website is entirely dedicated to showing the heavy gamblers of the platform and how much money they are betting on the website.

Rewards: The platform hosts premium skin giveaways regularly on their social media. If you want to win some of them, follow them on particular social handles and get updates about premium skin prizes. 

These are some of the most common features also seen on other gambling sites CSGOEmpire which is trusted and reviewed on Betrefs. 

Enough about how you can spend your money, the most critical question is: Are WTFskins legit? 

Can You Trust WTFskins?

Yes! You can use their services without any hesitation. Gambling websites are very trendy nowadays, which is why you have to make sure they are true because people create fake websites to cheat money from gamblers. You can visit the official website from the link below for more safety. 

If you want to know if your money is safe or not, they have safe deposits and withdrawals that can be made instantly whenever you want. Here are some features that will keep your trust in the website:


The website uses a hash-based encryption system which means even they cannot crack the code, and only the end-user will see the bet result. This ensures the creators cannot side with anyone and everyone has a fair chance in the game. 

Safe Deposits:

Fake websites don’t have access to natural deposits from companies like PayPal. WTFskins uses other companies’ transaction systems to protect end-user agreements. If there is an error with the transaction, it is from your side or the payment gateway server. Rest assured, your deposit will be smooth and safe. 


WTFSkins is another relatively good cs: go betting site. Yes, there are improvements to be made, because you want to have a place that is well adapted for mobile and computer… one day maybe.

This is one of the better sites when it comes to csgo betting, you don’t have to make any deposit directly, and you also don’t have to play with your money or free bonuses to have a chance to withdraw skins.

There is some need to improve on the wtf skin csgo site, but if you are going to compare it to many other cs go skin sites, it is one of the better ones. Especially when it comes to offering services on mobile and sites adapted for mobile, you will have the opportunity to bet and play several different games with other people interested in csgo skins. You can quickly contact their support by emailing them.

Gambling is a lot of fun when you do it on the right website. WTFskins is one of those websites that you can trust and visit easily without a second thought. If you have a problem regarding their service on their platform, you can contact their customer support and create a ticket for it.

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WTFSkins Frequently Asked Questions

Very! WTFSkins offers a variety of different bonuses and offers. They also have promotions that all players who have a game account can participate in.

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