NOW TV Sky Sports Season Ticket Offer – Save £107 and watch the lot – Axiom Games

NOW TV Sky Sports Season Ticket Offer – Save £107 and watch the lot – Axiom Games

With this money saving deal, NOW TV cut the expense of the football season with a monthly ‘Transfer’ discount. Get 12 months of football and an on-the-box world of sport across all 11 channels of Sky Sports. It was last updated in November 2020.

NOW TV Season Ticket Deal If you are searching for tickets to the upcoming football season, consider Sky’s ‘NOW TV’ sister service. You can currently sign up for this £ 25 a month Season Pass. Looking at the maths, for 12 months, this works out at a £ 8.99 saving per month. With this deal, new customers can pay just £ 25 a month, compared to the usual price of £ 33.99 a month. Over 12 months, that is a saving of £ 107.88. You also get a free 7 day trial of NOW TV Boost’-watch NOW TV in full HD and at the same time on up to 3 computers. If you plan to keep this add-on kit, it costs an additional £ 3 a month.

And if you didn’t remember, you can watch NOW TV on your Sony PS4TM, Xbox One, Chromecast, LG Smart TV, PC, Mac, mobile and tablet computers. The USB Smart Stick and SCART (£ 14.99) and Smart Box (£ 45.99) are also available here.

If the 12 month offer isn’t for you, you may want to consider the other available passes. Such as the £9.99 Day Pass. NOW TV Sky Sports Move Compare »

You can cancel at any time via NOW TV CS:GO. However, since this deal lasts 12 months, you may want to cancel or pay the regular price of £ 33.99 per month at the end of this time.

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What do I get with a Season Pass for Sky Sport?


You will watch 130 live Premier League, 138 English Football League, 138 Sky Bet Championship and Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership games with this pass.

Miscellaneous Sports

You still get access to a whole host of other sports on 11 channels of Sky Sports. So if you’re into tennis, cricket, rugby, boxing or would like your finger tips for a dedicated F1 channel, the budget access to Sky Sports from NOW TV might well be the one for you. NOW TV Visit »

How about Broadband for NOW?

Although it is certainly worth considering the deal on the Season Ticket, you need internet access to stream the service. With your new provider, you can well be satisfied. If you are trying to upgrade, then NOW also currently offers broadband and other fairly good offers. This means that you can buy the Season Ticket Card, then come back and order one of the following offers for a broadband service:

  • Brilliant Broadband-Average speed of 11mb-Unlimited allowance-£18 a month
  • Fab Fibre-average speed of 36mb-unlimited allowance-£25 a month
  • Super Fibre-Average speed of 63mb-Unlimited allowance-£30 a month

All offers include free setup, line rental and unlimited calls at any time normally £ 8pm) for a limited time.

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NOW TV Sports Rates for the Pass

A broad variety of passes are provided by NOW TV. The longer you commit, the bigger the rebate:

  • Pass for the day= £ 9.99pm
  • Pass Monthly = £ 25.00pm

Passes See »

*One-off payment | ^Only 5 Mobile Pass channels are available (Sky Sports Premier League, Arena, Action, Racing and News)

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Offer for Sky Sports Season Ticket-Terms and Conditions

Sky Sports Football Season Ticket: Available only through for new NOW TV customers signing up. Eighteen+. Just UK. Sky Sports Month Pass renews automatically at £ 33.99 a month at the end of the 12 month span unless cancelled. Claims for savings are based on the same price charged by current clients. Not available in combination with every other NOW TV/Combo/promotion offer. At any time, you can cancel. Set up a NOW TV account with debit/credit card needed for new customers of NOW TV. Terms on NOW TV apply. Content that is streamed to compatible devices via broadband/3G (costs can apply). At any one time, you can only have one Sky Sports Pass in your account. Per client, one deal. For a list of compatible devices, see NOW TV. There is no Red Button and no digital services available. All live preparation can be subject to alteration.

TV Raise NOW

Only on selected content, Full HD & Dolby 5.1. A NOW TV Pass billed by NOW TV (£3.99 to £33.99pm) is required. No Hayu and minimal content for kids is available. Exclusion of Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass. NOW TV Boost auto-renews for £ 3.00 extra a month if you have an active NOW TV Month Pass, unless cancelled; you can cancel at any time. If you just have a Sky Sports Day or Week Pass, one month after purchase, NOW TV Boost expires. It needs a full HD-capable computer, a compatible home cinema system and broadband (minimum speed 12 Mbps). Boost-compatible devices: NOW TV Smart Stick or Box, minus white box; Samsung TV; LG TV; PS4; Roku Express or Streaming Stick. Enable surround sound by adjusting the settings of the unit. Some Combo and NOW Broadband clients do not have NOW TV Boost Pass available.

Please refer to the official NOW TV site for complete terms.