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The planet has been taken over by the coronavirus pandemic. With the virus affecting millions dramatically, individuals have to remain at home. We have plenty of time on our hands for the first time in our lives, but nothing to do with that. Many have taken to video games in order to fill the gap in their lives. Today’s game, however, is graphically intense and time-consuming. With technical changes, many do not get the vibe that a few years ago came from games. Tekken 3 was one of the most famous games ever. The game, which was released in the late 1990s, was ahead of its time. If you’re looking for tekken 3 for Android, then you’re at the right place where we brought tekken 3 apk, which can be played on your Android device today.

We can’t think of any game any better than the Tekken series when it comes to arcade games. Not only did it manage to build a huge following quickly, but it also helped to revolutionise the whole genre of Arcade. Tekken 3, the third instalment in the series, served as a worthy entry for the Tekken series. It’s been nearly 23 years since this game was published and it still has the power to entertain everyone.

There is no denying that Tekken 3 has managed to win a place on the list of the greatest games of all time. It has managed to sell over 8 million copies worldwide. For its graphics, unique combat styles, and the inclusion of more new and compelling in-game characters, it was particularly praised.
Amazing Graphics for Arcade

We know it’s been a long time since Tekken 3 was released and now, compared to the recent entries in the Tekken series, the graphics of this game look a little old. But still, they’re sweet. They can still grab our attention and open our mouths in awe.

Tekken 3 apk gives you the exact same graphics that were given to you by the game developers. The best thing about the apk is that there is no need for add-ons.

Easy App for Users

In establishing the connection between the players and the game, the User Interface plays a huge role. If the UI looks simple, then it will be very easy for the players to enjoy the game. A very basic User Interface is also available for Tekken 3 apk. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro player or a novice, this game can be easily used by anyone. Users of Android devices would simply have to tap their device’s screen.

Terrific Gameplay

Keeping the players of any game engaged while they play it is really necessary. Of course, the makers of the game don’t want their users to get bored with their production. That’s when it comes to gameplay!

Tekken 3 also has a very special and exciting gameplay that not only guarantees you pure fun, but also keeps you captivated and strengthens your skills in the game. Each player is granted different kinds of levels. The start of this game looks simple, but once your character manages to enter the final level of the game, the level of difficulty continues to increase. That’s where all your talents and skills are tested!

All Unlocked Players:

This tekken 3 apk includes all unlocked characters, meaning that even Dr. B can play with any character using this Tekken 3 apk (tekken 3 mod menu apk).

Modes Varius Unlokced:

In this tekken 3 mod menu apk, there are several more modes unlocked. In this Tekken 3 Mod APK, Tekken Ball Mode, Tekkeng Tag Tournament and Theater Mode and many more modes are unlocked. This is the Tekken 3 Cheat apk. From the mod menu, you can activate various cheats and defeat your opponents.

Unlocked Cheats Variuos:

In the tekken mod menu apk, you can activate these cheats including character cheats, no damage cheats and more cheats available in the Tekken 3 Mod Menu apk by downloading and triggering them.

Install Tekken 3 For Android

On the internet, the APK version of Tekken 3 is available. The APK file is provided for download by several sites. The file has a size of about 20 MB. In addition , the game runs on all Android phones and is capable of running Android 2.2. The new version of the game is 1.1, with August 7, 2020 coming as the last update. The game also runs on phones with a size greater than 1 GB of RAM. All you have to do is download and then instal the APK file on your computer. If you’ve completed the game download, all you need to do is launch it. Voila, on your Android computer, Tekken 3 is now open!

Namco also came up with a smartphone game named Tekken. The game, released in 2018, is available on iOS and Android. Early in 2019, though, the developers removed the game. Tekken 3 APK takes the best of both worlds, delivering a really healthy experience for us. You can also download the various mods which are also available for the game. These mods boost the gameplay to a great degree, making it even more fun for Tekken 3.

Apk Tekken 3

APK for Tekken 3: Permissions and Specifications
The software does not allow downloads from other sites, as is the case with any phone. You have to grant your computer permission if you want to download an external file. This goes with the APK that is also available for Tekken 3. Opening the settings app on your phone is the first step. Then you need to click on the choice for Protection. You will have to click on the option called Unknown Sources once you are in. A collection of rules and regulations will be given to you by your browser. Click on the allow button once you finish reading them. Your computer can now download applications without any hiccups along the way from these party sources!

Apk Tekken 3

Most crave to play the game even today. Developers only came up with a version of the game for PlayStation and Arcade, however. With the different advances in the tech world, Devlopers also managed to create an APK version of the game. Today, we’re looking at what you need to know about Tekken 3’s APK version. So hurry up and get Tekken 3 downloaded.

We know there are a lot of people out there who want to play Tekken 3 to relive the thrills and enjoyment of their childhood days on their Android devices. That’s why we decided to bring you Tekken 3 apk, free to download with unlocked features. Now, you have a great opportunity to once again play this game! So, what are you going to wait for?

Check out the following Tekken 3 apk details!

Tekken 3 APK Specifications

Name of Apk Tekken 3 APK

Elaborated by Namco Ltd.

Tekken series

Arcade genre

Dimension 35 MB

Last Updated October 2020

Android 4.3 OS and beyond

Version 1.1 of Version 1.1

Tekken 3 Apk: Summary

Tekken 3 is, as the name implies, the third instalment in the Tekken series. In 1997, the game was first introduced. In 1998, developers produced the Playstation version of it. Tekken 3 has been slated by many as one of the best fighting games ever, period. The game speaks volumes, with almost 8 million copies of the game sold globally. The only downside of the game is that it is accessible on the PlayStation. In a typical arcade, you can also play a game.

Apk Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is a game about war. A whole new cast is also featured in the game, including, to name a few, Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu and Bryan Fury. In addition, the new Tekken Force mode and Tekken Ball mode were also created by developers. With improved graphics, Namco developers have also stepped up their game.

Apk Tekken 3: Features

Tekken 3 was one of the best games ever, as reported. It did not, however, easily obtain this title. Tekken 3 apk includes a wide range of features that make it very fun to play. The game has high quality arcade graphics. Twenty-three characters, with their gestures looking natural and fluid, were introduced in the game. There are really realistic punching animations.

3 apk tekken

The creators, Namco, did not release the game’s Android version. Well, almost ten years prior to the first touchscreen phone, the game was introduced. Third-party developers, however, have made an APK version of the game, giving us the same experience! So, with no concerns, you can download Tekken 3 for your Android. In the PlayStation version of the game, the APK version of tekken 3 provides anything available. Joystick controls, which give a very intuitive feel, are transferred to the touchscreen. Unlike other “advanced games” out there today, the game also has no lag. To figure out how to download the game, read on.

Different Characters

Diehard fans of the Tekken series know that in the third instalment, only six Tekken 2 characters were brought back. All the remaining characters were newly introduced, apart from these six characters. The overall plot of Tekken 3 was the reason for getting back such a low number of matches. After 20 years, the match took place.

You can play with any character free of charge after downloading Tekken 3 apk on your Android computer! We listed the list below of all in-game characters:

Characters Returns

  • Mishima Heihachi
  • About Nina Williams
  • Williams Anna
  • Wulong Lei
  • Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsuu
  • Phoenix Paul

Chracters Newly Intorduced

  • About Bryan Fury
  • Dr. Bosconovitch, doctor
  • Regulation on forestry
  • The Crow
  • Gordo Eddy
  • Hwoarang-Hwoarang
  • Gon The Gon
  • Gun Jack, Gun Jack
  • King II The King
  • Julia Chang Changing
  • Jin Kazama Kazama
  • Kuma II Kuma II
  • A panda
  • Mokujin Mokujin
  • Ling Xiaoyuu Ling
  • Ogro, ogre
  • Faithful Ogre
  • Jackson the Tiger


Tekken 3: Trailer of a Trailer

For this mysterious game, the developers didn’t release any official trailer. Many fans, however, have come up with their trailers, which provide a lovely glimpse into Tekken 3’s gameplay. The most famous fan creation available on Youtube was connected to us. With all its glory, here it is!

From here, download Tekken 3 apk for Android:

Click here to download Tekken 3 Apk for free with all players Enabled for Android

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Installation Guide for Tekken 3 APK After Download

Phase 1: From the above page, download Tekken 3 apk.

Phase 2: Tap on it to instal after downloading it.

Phase 3: In order to instal the game on your computer, you have to allow installation from “unknown sources.”

Step 4: Wait a little bit. Now, go to the menu page of your computer easily. There you will be able to see the apk button. Tap it and you’ll enjoy the game.


We think Tekken 3 apk is a great game to play and relive all the memories of your childhood again. All the characters have been unlocked and in order to enjoy it, you don’t have to waste your real money on it. Yeah, you’ve got it right! It is totally free! To win the rounds, select your favourite character and use their abilities and moves. Often it doesn’t fit properly with the Play Store edition or any other version that you download from other websites. But this one you don’t have to think about. It works absolutely perfectly.

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For today, that is it! Don’t worry; with updates, we will keep you updated. Continue reading with us until then!

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