The Top Ten Most Expensive CS:GO Skins – Axiom Games

The Top Ten Most Expensive CS:GO Skins – Axiom Games

Skins are in-game items in CS: GO and gaming in general, that enhance and personalise your experience in a purely visual way. They don’t add any benefits that will make you a better player, and yet players love getting a cool-looking AWP or a fancy looking knife instead of a regular one. Behind such preferences are psychological factors, but we’re interested in the skins themselves and their costs. What are the most costly skins from CS: GO?

A CS:GO Skins list of the most expensive

Here’s a top ten list of the most expensive, starting with the cheapest, CS: GO skins.

Uh. 10. (AK-47) The Empress

Price: 35 dollars

(AK-47) The Empress

For the AK-47, The Empress provides a lovely template. On this skin, the vibrant colours and signs make it stand out from many others. But keep in mind that your stealth shouldn’t be destroyed by weapons. Looking stunning and attracting a lot of attention on a battlefield is probably the last thing you want. This may be one of the reasons why this piece of art has been stopped from going higher in price by the bright colours of The Empress.

9. Hyper Beast (Pistol Five-SevenN)

Price: 55 dollars

Hyper Beast (Pistol Five-SevenN)

There are fantastic qualities in the Five-SeveN pistol and it feels a lot better than the regular pistol you get on the CT side. Players also get a feeling of firmness combined with this very beautiful skin, which could lead to better performance. The way you feel about a CS:GO RPG Games weapon affects your accuracy quite a bit, especially when it comes to handguns, simply because they involve such subtle movements.

8. Hardened case (AK-47)

Price: 62 dollars

Hardened case (AK-47)

The AK-47 is probably CS:most GO’s famous firearm. Its characteristics reflect those of the real AK-47 and as a consequence, everyone would prefer to be fitted with an AK rather than an M4. Nearly any time they get the chance to do so, CT players swap their M4 for an AK Sky Sports. And as a result, it’s no wonder that our top 10 list includes the Case Hardened Skin for the pistol. Its elegant architecture compares to that of the weapon and completes it in some way.

7. Dragon’s Emerald (P90)

Price: 100 dollars

Dragon’s Emerald (P90)

This is a great anti-eco tool, as it enables you to take on five players in the near and medium range at once. As for the skin style, it is readily identifiable and disturbing that it draws the attention of players. That the skin is in demand and very costly is not that much of a surprise.

6. (M9 Bayonet) Crimson Web

Price: 256 dollars

(M9 Bayonet) Crimson Web

Even without the bloody colour given to it by the Crimson Web skin, the knife itself looks scary. Players love the additional results, which is why this skin is so costly and so in demand.

5. Hardened case (Karambit)

Price: 287 dollars

Hardened case (Karambit)

The skin of this digital knife is almost as costly as a very good knife. They keep a knife in their hand every time a player moves anywhere and knows that they won’t meet enemies along the way, and they want to play with it which is why everyone wants a nice knife skin.

4. Serpent Of Fire (AK-47)

Price: 297 dollars

Serpent Of Fire (AK-47)

On this list, this is the third AK-47 skin. It’s the most expensive as well. The style may not stand out as much as you would think, but the group loves the motif of the serpent and the principle of “spitfire” that lies behind it.

3. Howl (The M4A4)

Price:1998 dollars

Howl (The M4A4)

It looks simply magnificent. But why anyone spend nearly $2000 on a digital skin that doesn’t even boost your ability to play and win games better? It will surprise you, but this skin is desired by many players and they are willing to pay the higher cost for it.

2. AWP (medusa)

Price: 2000 dollars

AWP (medusa)

Medusa is a really beautiful skin that makes the weapon look fierce and the feeling of looking badass is enjoyed by players. It’s no wonder, after all, that the whole group is crazy about this concept.

1. AWP (Dragon Lore)

Price: 2020 dollars

This is the most expensive skin on CS: GO. (Although it’s not the most expensive skin ever sold, that would be $61,000 for a skin of Dragon Lore.) It is estimated that the normal skin of Dragon Lore that is normally used in CS: GO is about $2020. There’s no denying, visually, that the skin looks appealing and makes the weapon look incredible.