Guide: CSGO Doppler Pattern (Hard Case, Fade, We, Sandstorm)

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It’s been a long time since Valve started making skins for CS:GO, and there are still some facts that the public doesn’t know about skins. Not too many people know that there is a way that you can buy good weapon skins at a much lower price than you think, and there are some basic things you should know before purchasing weapon skins on the steam market. There are a lot of good CSGO gambling sites that offer skins at cheap prices.

I’m now writing my second guide into the CS: GO skin. This blog entry is devoted to leather patterns.

There has been a lot of writing about leather patterns, especially about knife leather patterns. I’d like to write about basic patterns, rather than show some examples of guns I found on the steam market and show you some funny patterns I found on the internet.

What is a pattern?

Patterns are textures from which some skins are randomly generated. The game moves the skin up/down/left/right in all directions, thus making it look different. So this is the reason why two skins of the same quality and exterior can look different from each other.

csgo pattern

Some skins tend to be more diverse than others. The most varied skins include rainbow skins such as Case Hardened, Fade, or Doppler. The second category affected by the Pattern is skins with irregular textures such as Slaughter, Sandstorm, or Hypnotic. By selling/buying these skins, you must enter the Pattern into the overall value of the weapon.

Let’s look at some examples of some of the patterns I mentioned. I want to show you some examples of the rarest patterns that I find beautiful and that are somehow special or cute. Prices change more with rare weapons like the AK-47 and knives, with other weapons like the Sawed-off shotgun or the Galil AR, a pattern that changes prices only minimally.

1. Pattern Hard Case

You can find this Pattern on the AK-47, FiveSeven, and many knives. 



The most wanted and rarest Pattern you’ll ever want on an AK-47, and FiveSeven (and knife) is the blue Pattern. Some players are willing to pay a lot of money for a pattern like this. This blue Case Hardened skin is often called Blue Gems.



The second-rarest Pattern you can find on the AK-47 Case Hardened is the gold Pattern. This is the only complete gold AK I have discovered, and anyone is willing to pay hundreds of keys for it. I don’t find this AK attractive, but there is a tradition of finishing gold guns, and people love it. Sometimes the gold color of Case Hardened leather can be mistaken for silver, which is among the cheapest colors. And be careful – the gold blade pattern is not as desirable as the blue or galaxy pattern, the gold color most desired on the AK-47.


rainbow purple with galaxy

The third rarest Pattern is the rainbow – sometimes called the galactic Pattern, but there is also a specialization in rainbow patterns. manyI personally likes the rainbow color the most, with lots of blue, purple, and red (my weapon is in the picture). A rainbow pattern is more valuable when there are many large purples, red and blue dots on a gold-silver background.


rainbow purple with galaxy

The least desirable Pattern of all is the silver pattern, sometimes mixed with gold and smaller blue flecks. This is the most common and the ugliest Pattern you can find.

If you buy a FiveSeven or a knife, the cheapest leather is almost always silver. Be careful not to mistake the silver pattern for the gold pattern!

This is a pattern ordered by their will. So it’s not an objective factor because some people like silver patterns, or they are willing to pay more for certain patterns (blue barrels, gold magazines, …), so nothing you can anticipate. This guide only tries to point out certain ways, which can be worth a lot of money.

2. Fade Pattern

There are many different fade patterns on the steam market: Fade, Amber Fade, Acid Fade, and Marble Fade. I’ll show you a few examples of their rarity.


more or less csgo

In the case of this weapon, the more it fades (more color), the more valuable the skin. You can see there are only one or two colors in the left image. In the right image, we can see three colors and more, which means more valuable, and if we find the right buyer, we can sell them for more money.


more or less csgo pattern

In the case of multiple weapons, one color tone can change the price. For example, with the Karambit Fade knife, the more purple, the cheaper the price. The more gold and pink, the higher the price. So the one on the right is more valuable than the one on the left.



I’ve found lots of sample patterns for Our FiveSeven. It turns out that the rarest skin you can get is one that resembles a naked woman’s body on the back of a weapon! Just look at the picture:

1) “Where are your panties, Mom?”

2) Stay on.”

3) “I’m waving at you!”

4) Buddha

5) Hulk smash, Hulk marah! “

6) bulldog dogs

7) Always nice to see you!”

8) Don’t go there! “

4) Sandstorm PATTERN

sandstorm csgo pattern

The sandstorm pattern is one of the most diverse patterns in the game. Gold, purple-gold, and purple. You can find these three skin types: gThe rarest are the truly purple ones.


killing knife csgo

With patterned knives such as Slaughter Crimson Web, Doppler, or Marble Fade, the Pattern’s position is very important. At the same time, the play side is more valuable than the back, and the middle Pattern is more valuable than the Pattern on the edges.

It may come as a surprise to some to learn about the Slaughter knife and its most commonly known patterns. I’ve ordered them from the most common (zebras) to the rarest (diamonds):

0) No pattern

1) zebra stripes

2) Panda/Clown Face

3+4) Kitty (diamond-shaped)

5+6) Angel

7) Words

8) Phoenix

9) Dog Liver and Bones in one knife

10) Heart

11) Diamonds in the middle and hearts below

12) Diamonds and two hearts


killing knife csgo pattern

The value of the Crimson Web skin for a knife depends on the number of web centers in the Pattern.

I’ve ordered them from the most common (no web) to the rarest (3 or more nets). Of course, when there are two nets on a bigger knife-like Bayonet, it’s not as rare as two nets on a smaller Karambit knife.

1) no web

2) one net

3) two nets

4) three or more nets


doppler csgo pattern

By buying/dropping a Doppler knife skin, there are seven color choices that you can get:

1) General-Phases 1-4

Phase skins have black color combined with red and blue.

2) Rare – Sapphire and Ruby

Pure blue or clean red.

3) Rare – Black Pearl

Pure purple color without black, blue, or red.


CSGO other patterns

FiveSeven Nightshade (heart shape) and Desert Eagle Hypnotic (eye shape):

Special thanks to:

Tyler Francis