Gamdom 2022 Referral Code – Worth the Hype?

Gamdom is one of the oldest CSGO Gambling websites on the market today. The website has traffic that cannot be matched by any other gambling website nowadays. We’ll cover everything you need to know about Gamdom in this article.

Here’s a Gamdom Reference Code that will help you with some daily rewards and free rain of coins to get started. 

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You may be wondering about the referral code limit in Gamdom? Even this depends on how lucky you are. After you enter the code, the result of the spin will determine how many daily rewards you get in your wallet for free. 

If you have trouble accessing the code, you can click on the link above. This will redirect you to the official page (provably fair page) of the website, and the promo code will be automatically applied to your account. The policy or terms of this code are simple, and if there is an update, we will update it on the website. Also, make sure to check out our best case opening website to get premium cases.


If the link doesn’t work, follow the steps below. 

How to use Gamdom Reference Code?

Here’s a quick guide on how you can apply the Gamdom affiliate code to your account to earn extra money. 

Note:  There are many fake sites on the market that can access your steam account. Make sure you are following the right one, and it is legit, so your account details will be safe. 

First of all, all gambling websites have a Steam API linked to them, so you can directly login using your Steam account instead of typing your credentials. Log into your Steam account via any browser. The link is given below. 

Login to Steam

  • Go to the official Gamdom website. The verified link is given:
  • Click login in the upper right corner of the screen. Authorize Steam on the next page. 
  • Once you are logged in, click on “Free Gifts” in the left navigation menu of the website.
  • Click “Claim Your Affiliate Chest.”
  • Enter the AXIOM code and verify the robot if prompted. 
  • Voila! Gamdom will apply the code successfully, and a new popup will spin, and the result will be what you win. Depending on your luck, you can win less than 20 coins or more. 

Enough about promo codes. Let’s see what options you are looking for here to gamble and test your luck. 

Gamdom Reference Codes & Reviews

Gamdom free affiliate/referral code list:

  • AXIOM– Activate Code Now
  • gamble100 – Activate Code Now
  • csgo100top1 – Activate Code Now 
  • hellacsgo – Activate Code Now
  • csgogamdom100 – Activate Code Now

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Gamdom Experience

In recent years, the CS: GO casino market has changed regularly. The old forces are getting more and more competition, and young representatives are stimulating business. One of these very young addresses is Gamdom Casino, which has only been on the market for a few months.

At first glance, the portfolio scores above all else with English and other languages, which is entirely in the background in most CS: GO casinos. However, at the same time, we have gained further experience with Gamdom, which of course, we don’t want to keep a secret from anyone.

How to use Gamdom Referral code?

  • Register via Steam or any other social network (Facebook, Google, or just email) at
  • After that, click the “+” deposit button.
  • Write our code(AXIOM) in the field: “Redeem Gift Card:” and click “Claim”.

Our experience at a glance

Gamdom site only inspires its players quickly but can still explode like a bomb, especially in German-speaking countries. The provider makes its entire portfolio available in English and thus secures several advantages over competitors. It also ensures that the games in the portfolio are a provably fair system, and each customer can see for themselves that they are right. Different future games are offered, where the aim is, of course, to maximize bets. These are carried in the form of stars, which players can earn by swapping their vgo skins. If you win, the stars who won will then buy coats in the internal shop. The bottom line is the classic and easy-to-understand casino model.

Is the gamdom site legal?

Before registering and making a deposit at CS: GO Casino, every player should find out about the seriousness and security of the provider. This check is essential for representatives as young as Gamdom. After all, you could write no success story in recent years that could prove serious work. However, in our experience, there is absolutely no reason to worry, as the games offered at the casino all prove to be a provably fair system.

This means precisely that all the game rounds are calculated mathematically and, therefore, always run correctly. Each player can also view the progress and see for themselves how the random number generator works. So there is no doubt that you can rule out Gamdom scams, and customers are always treated provably fair and serious.

Gamdom’s offer at a glance

Once their account balance has been replenished by making a deposit, customers can enjoy casino games. Visitors come into contact with the first game right on the home page: Gamdom. This is a roulette game where the players have to bet on the correct numbers. An absolute classic that you can find in many CS: GO casinos. An even more recent development is the title Starcrash, where players have to bet on rocket crashes. It’s important to be before the crack if possible because only then is there an advantage. The next game in the group is the title Star slots. The game type is already hidden in its name.

Gamdom games round elections. A small slot with five reels and a total of nine pay lines is played here. The goal, of course, is to get as many identical symbols as possible on the pay line. In this case, several players pay into the pot before then randomly releasing the winner. It is essential to place higher bets because the higher the stakes, the higher the chances of winning the spin. Overall, in our experience with Drakewing, a very colorful portfolio is offered, which gives players many different ways to win. Winnings are then redeemed in the casino shop, from where you can then transfer the skins directly to a Steam account.

In our experience with Drakewing, a very colorful portfolio is offered, which gives players many different ways to win. Winnings are then redeemed in the casino shop, from where you can then transfer the skins directly to a Steam account. In our experience with Drakewing, a very colorful portfolio is offered, which gives players many different ways to win. Winnings are then redeemed in the casino shop, from where you can then transfer the skins directly to a Steam account.

According to our experience with Gamdom, every existing customer also has the opportunity to invite friends to the casino. An invitation code is used for this, which the friend must then use when registering. Everything is daily rewarded by the fact that newly registered excitement can expect ten coins at the beginning, with which the game can begin.

Deposit system at Gamdom: Always done without errors

Natural deposits are not made with this provider. So here, no player has to take their savings and then deposit them into the account. Instead, the focus is on different skins, which can in some way be called “currency.” These skins are loaded into the casino account, where the provider then credits a certain number of stars for all skins. And it is precise with these stars that the stakes in the game are placed. Real money is not used here. Therefore no official license from the CS: GO gambling authority is required.

Security and regulation: Proven fair play ensures peace

Since, in most cases, no official license is required in CS: GO casinos, many players, approach this issue very carefully. That is also true, but there is no reason to believe that Gamdom is a scam. The provider only has fair play in its portfolio, the integrity of which can be guaranteed by Proven Fair procedures. After a round of play, each player can also get an overview of the results for himself, as this can be seen at any time as they progress. The bottom line is that all the requirements for a reputable provider are met. There is no reason to doubt that Gamdom is taking it seriously.

Customer support and service: Support is arranged through the ticket system

If the players want to ask a question with the provider’s support, this is formulated with the help of the ticket system. The request is submitted and then answered by the employee via email. It is important to note that you usually have to wait a few hours. This means: It can take up to twelve hours to get a response. The answers are then targeted and competent, but chatting with other players is often a better point of contact due to the shorter waiting time. Again, the support department can get an obvious plus point because the advice is done in German. An absolute rarity in CS: GO casinos nowadays, which is undoubtedly a highlight, especially for English-speaking customers.

Ease of use: All requirements are met

The topic of user-friendliness is often a double-edged sword. After all, in addition to simple menu navigation, you must also provide an attractive visual design. The two are combined at Gamdom, where every viewer can rely on a modern website. Here the casino is now playing its age into the cards again because compared to many traditional representatives, you make a better impression from an optical point of view. Apart from that, the whole structure of this website is logical and well thought out. Instead of blocking the middle with menus and buttons, you can find everything in the bar at the bottom of the website. All sub-areas can then be called up with just one click, so nothing gets in the way of proper control. Unnecessary waiting time should also not be accepted.

Gamdom’s conclusion: young, serious, and hungry

As a very young provider, Gamdom entered the market with some big ambitions. The provider offers a promising portfolio and relies on Proven Fair principles. Thus, Gamdom scams can be completely ruled out, as all game rounds are based solely on mathematical calculations. Additional features such as chat or voucher codes also add to the entertainment. Our overall conclusion is positive, and we can make clear recommendations – especially for English-speaking customers.

Gamdom Features

Being one of the oldest sites on the market, Gamdom has to match and overcome the competitors. Some of the features are not unique but as said before, the functionality and design are unmatched in the market. 

User Interface:

While some websites have an awkward design for gamblers, it can be challenging to find the necessary options. Gamdom has a clean layout and easy access options. Everything is visible directly on the website, and you can access all game modes via the left panel. The top navigation bar is kept clean, which looks minimal and smooth. Everything is considered a treat to your eyes. 


The makers have taken this website to the next level by creating real casino slots. The website started as a CSGO skin gambling site, but nowadays, there are other game modes that you can rely on. Owning an actual casino section is entirely different and opens up various opportunities for gamblers in other niches. Having an accurate casino betting section invites different gamblers to the website, and different types of people can review the website. Several popular games, such as blackjack, crash game, progressive jackpot, were introduced in the Gamdom casino section. Must try for other niche gamblers too. 

Sports Betting:

Another attractive section is an added treat for gamblers all over the world. People can bet on actual sports events which are trending all over the world. This includes professional football, tennis, and other professional league matches hosted around the world. 

Game Mode:

This is the usual game mode which is common in all competitor websites in the market. Here are some of Gamdom’s game modes:

  1. CSGO crash
  2. CS:GO Roulette
  3. Hi-Lo
  4. CSGO Coinflip

Is Gamdom Legit?

Yes. Gamdom is undoubtedly the most trusted CSGO Casino and Gambling site on the market with the best and most trusted track record and has a provably fair page. As previously mentioned, the website is the oldest in the market, making it trustworthy for your money and data. Many people have made a lot of money and lost a lot of money while gambling on Gamdom. 

There are many reasons why you should trust Gamdom over any other site on the market. 


The oldest site on the market has the maximum number of features and trust among all the other users. This is one of the most significant factors in considering Gamdom over others. The website has given a lot to its customers and gamblers to achieve this level of trust in the market. 

Safe Deposits and Withdrawals:

The deposit system of a gambling website must be safe and trusted. That’s the Gamdom deposit system. They are connected to the best Payment gateway system in the world. Along with that, users can also make deposits in the form of skins or cryptocurrencies. You will not face any problem while depositing or withdrawing your certain amount. Everything is more buttery smooth, and their servers are pretty fast. 


This is one of the essential things required for a gambling website. Gamdom is active with its customer support. Even though the emails are old school, they are busy, plus they reply and resolve your questions promptly. Since this is an old-school method, you can expect some delays in the process. 


That’s all we have a provably fair talk about Gamdom. The features and design exceeded everyone’s expectations and proved to be the best in the business. If you are a new gambler who wants to try something for the first time or you are a professional and want to improve, this is a must-try for all types of players and gamblers. However make sure to gamble responsibly.

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